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You need accurate and timely information that you can apply to your DUI case. You want to make sure you understand everything so you don’t get taken advantage of at any stage in the system. DUI law is complex and is different in every state.

Before you talk with a DUI lawyer, you should arm yourself with valuable information. This site will guide you through the basics of a DUI case and give you tools you can use today. Think of us as your guide to making the best of your unfortunate situation

We are a group of DUI defense lawyers from around the country. We have united on this website to give the public (and each-other) the best possible information about DUI law and drunk driving lawyers. We provide all the basic general information, including detailed information about the arrest and court process.

We also provide primers for how to find and hire the best drunk driving defense lawyer for your case. Our state-level attorney affiliates provide a wealth of local information that you can apply directly to your case. The attorneys who participate in this site are accessible, personable, and genuinely concerned with your best interest.

DUI Information

In the general section, you will find drunk driving information that applies everywhere in the country. This includes scientific and evidentiary issues that are uniform such as blood testing, breath testing and field sobriety testing. It also includes general descriptions of DUI/DWI issues that will help you understand your case.

About Our DUI Attorneys

Each attorney has provided or sponsors comprehensive local information. This is because most DUI cases hinge on local law and procedure. After reviewing the general information, this is where you should spend most of your time learning about DWI law in your state. We highly recommend that you personally contact the attorney from your area to discuss your case. Each attorney is highly accessible and is willing to give you a free case review.

We also recommend that you use the knowledge and tools you find in these pages when interviewing attorneys not associated with this site. We are dedicated to the free flow of information and believe that everybody who needs the services of a DUI attorney should shop around until they find an attorney who is both highly skilled and knowledgeable, but who is also the right match financially and personality wise.

Our History

DUIAttorney.com was originally owned and built by attorney Dan Jaffe. He was astonished by the lack of good information about DUI defense, and the abundance of misleading and self-serving information found on the Internet.

In his own practice, Mr. Jaffe freely shared information with anybody who is interested.

As the owner of the domain duiattorney.com, he sensed an outstanding opportunity to organize excellent DUI lawyers and information around that domain. This website is the product of a vision that Mr. Jaffe has harbored and developed over the years.

In late December of 2010, the program was acquired by the domain industry leader, Innovation HQ, who now owns and operates the site. The site is now owned and operated by Innovation HQ and managed by VRoooom Web.

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